Brief Background

    • January 1977 | The Unit Latihan (Training Unit) was officially established as part of the Establishment Office (JPA's former name) at Jalan Kumbang Pasang
    • May 1993 | Upgraded to Institut Perkhidmatan Awam (IPA) (Civil Service Institute), focusing on management and administration training programs
    • February 1997 | Moved to its current building at Jalan Kg Rimba
    • February 1997 | Officially use the IPA logo
    • 1999 | Operated under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister's Office (JPM) and its scope of activities widened to include Information and Communication Technology training and the needs of the private sector
    • April 2021 | Becomes a full-fledged department under JPM

    • HRD enabler for the Civil Service in terms of training, consultancy and assessment

    • continuously provide dynamic learning and development opportunities tailored to the current  and future requirements to enhance the workforce competency and capability, efficiency and organisational performance
    • facilitate and assist human resource development in line with the agenda and aspirations of Wawasan Brunei 2035 through consultation and research activities
Program development main scope and guide
    • Governance and Leadership
    • Innovation and Info-Communication Technology
    • Management
    • Wawasan Brunei 2035
    • Prime Minister’s Office (JPM) Strategic Plan
    • Public Service Capability Development Framework (PSCDF)
    • Public Service Department (JPA) Strategic Plan 
    • HRD and organisation (learning needs analysis) research 
    • Course’s participants’ evaluation 
    • Best practices
    • New research on civil service
    • Strategic input from Stakeholder Liaison Committee (SLC)
    • 3PSA findings
    • Learning performance findings by Audit