Government Employee

Every government employee is entitled to enroll to the course offered by IPA. The training needs must be planned and discussed with the HR officer or HR Ambassador to ensure the training requested is the right course. The HR Ambassador then match the training needs to the list of training offered by IPA through ilearn system.

HR Ambassador

HR Ambassador is an HR officer or staff from Ministry/Department/Company whose role is to manage training needs, develop HRD plan and enter the training request through iLearn system. The HR Ambassador is appointed by the respective Ministry/Department and acts as focal person for IPA training matters. In order to be registered as HR Ambassador, department needs to complete and submit TNA005 form.

Private Company and Individual

Private company and an individual may submit training request to the address below:


Civil Service Institute
Simpang 256-24
Jalan Kampong Rimba, Gadong BE3119
Negara Brunei Darussalam

Link to ilearn system:



​TNA005 Form :
TNA005 form - TC application.pdf